Monday, April 25, 2011


According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary the word "Kerfuffle" means chaos...
  well i am here to talk about The GRAND Kerfuffle :) 

the AMAZING concert this spring semester!!
this year we had ...

Chiddy Bang 



it was so freaking awesome :) 
here are some videos..
some of them are kinda crappy but you get the idea :)

the concert was amazing :)
again the U of U did not fail to bring 
and awesome group of artist!!

(i am going to miss this for the next two years.. 
but i am excited to come back and see all the changes :))

♥ momo

Friday, April 22, 2011

what helps me..

this turn combo really helped me.. :)
i was totally doing quads 
in class this thursday :) 

try it out!

just thought i'd share the love :)
the dance love that is!

♥ momo 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MAJOR life updatee :)

whoa whoa WHOA..
i haven't blogged..

what's good in my hood... (ooh that's naughty.. bahaha)

Cabin Fever
a couple of weekends ago i stayed in a cabin. i know i know, those of you who know me are saying "WHAT?! A cabin.. were you high.. you hate the outdoors!" to what i respond with, "Guys, it was a heated cabin, with flush-able toilets, beds, a kitchen, and all other awesome home-like commodities!" 

"MURDER IN THE DARK!" was the most repeated line that whole weekend, due to our mad murdering skills ;) but all in all, i had cabin fever. i did not want to leave to return to a world where i had homework and responsibilities.. but i'm back.. :)

Job Interview
i had a job interview at rue21 in orem, ut :) that went super well! i know the managers loved me, but i haven't heard back yet. to which i am not extremely disappointed because i just want to serve a mission :)

Amazing Race
i had a great date with Miss Michelle Fortune :) where we had a great and Amazing Race, to which we forfeited due to injury.. but the fun and enjoyment lived for the rest of the night as we played Curses, Apple to Apples and Just Dance on the Wii. great date with such a great friend :)

tis the season to bid farewell to close friends as they leave to serve full time missions :) this past sunday i said goodbye to Elder Andres Lattanzio who reports to the MTC this wednesday :) to him i say thanks for setting a great example to me :) see you in 2+years brother!

HA! well i want it to be over.. a little less than a week and a half left :) projects are coming up, papers are due, and tests are approaching.. and yet i don't stress like i should.. someday i will learn. i hope. :) i'm keeping it positive.. :)

My Mission
sigh.. i still await for an interview with my stake president.. i've been waiting for a month now.. which kinda sucks. as you all may know i really just want to serve a mission. if i could i'd leave tomorrow i would.. but i can't.. my time hasn't come yet.. but soon enough.. :)

Final Thoughts :)
life is so wonderful. i am blessed. i am most definitely crazy. i am a procrastinator. i need to learn more. i need to leave this country. i need to leave this blog and continue on projects..

see you the next time i want to procrastinate on homework :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

parking lot parties :)

parking lot parties are the BEST :)

last night, the bruin ballroom company had their awesome ballroom concert :)

concert was great, buut the after party was the BEST :)

Tia, Chelsea, Ashlyn and I had the most random, best, craziest parking lot party ever..
here are some video of dancing in the parking lot, dancing infront of cars stopped at the light, and other random things :) oh and you can't forget.. we made it facebook official..

we then decided to stop...


go to WENDY'S :D

there we were loud and crazy.
pretty sure people looked at us like crazy.. 
bahaha :)

we had so much fun. 
and it was refreshing to my soul to just dance like a crazy man. :)
being with these crazy ladies made me feel young again.. ;)


so happy last night happened.. 
now i am back to college-like tasks.. 
not dancing in the UofU parking lot..
i think if i did someone would call the popo.. :/ 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no regrets

yesterday (april 5th, 2011), i had the wonderful opportunity
to audition for BYU Young Ambassadors.

it was such a wonderful experience:
i learned an AWESOME dance.
i learned AWESOME audition songs.
i made new friends :)

i didn't get a call back though.. 
but i don't regret 

which made me think of that one time my really good friend ashley told me something i wanted to be more concsious about..

i don't know you just have no inhibitions about going after hard things.
you risk failure in order to succeed. it's a good quality :)

although i did not make a callback i am happy i went after a hard thing
and had fun doing so :) 

april fools

i know, i know. its been like 5 whole days since april fools day, but i have to post about the awesome prank Freshman Council played of E-Cab :)

pictures are worth a 1000 words so...

Student Body President's Office (Chase)

VP's Office (John)


.. yeahh..

EVERYONE'S desk looked like this..


Sr Class President (Morgan), cups were filled with water. :)

don't ask..

and there is the beautiful video of it all :)
April Fool's was great.. :)

but now we await for E-Cab's revenge..

Monday, March 21, 2011

day thirty

Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the last 30 days!

this is me, super excited i made all thirty days :)
1. mission papers. i started my papers.. well i mentioned this the first day of the challenge, but things got complicated. buut i did get them started just yesterday! i have doctor appointments this week, hopefully paper will be in sooner than later :)

2. hairspray. i was already performing hairspray when i started the challenge, but it has been one of the best things i've done EVER. i loved performing with such a great cast and i cannot wait to audition more and more when i come back from my mission :)

3. the voice party. i haven't talked much about the VOICE Party much on my blog, but it was the party i campaigned with this past student elections at the University of Utah. the party was the best. i believed in all its platforms and mission and vision, but unfortunately the University decided to elect the, oh so fascinating, represent party. boo. oh well, the experience is unforgettable and i met the most AMAZING people.